Tips before buying a Carrom Board

Published: 05th May 2010
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Nearly all the carrom boards are being prepared out of plywood and with utilizing border of Rosewood. Carrom boards are available in the market with some differences so that they can match with requirements of all the players'. There are various factors which you need to consider prior to make a decision to buy a board. Your budget or the cost that you want to pay is most important factor than next come the style of carrom in which you occupy yourself to play and your ability to play are some of the factors that need to take in consideration.

You need to find out what is your style to play carrom or the style in which you would like to play. As carom is a traditional game so there are some difference while playing this game, in most of the part- it do not involve you to make use of your fingers. In the present time a lot of carrom boards offer with small reminder sticks to shift the striker and many other games comes along with some drawing printed on the board for instance backgammon as well as checkers.

Before you begin to buy a board, make a decision on your budget and calculate how much you wish to pay for that. In view of the fact that nearly everyone like to have multiple option and they look for playing more than one game just for change. Considering all these facts, the manufacturing companies of carrom boards coming along with several games draw round on the surface and they are charging different cost for these boards, which may cost approximately $30 to $55. If you are a traditional and trained tournament-style carrom board's player and looking forward to buy the board that matches with your proficiency then such kind of board may cost around $102 to $355 & in addition to that these kinds of boards are prepared by making use of the premium wood finish.

Prior to you buy a board you should decide on your level of playing. If you are a beginner then it might possible that you wish to pay for a small board or the one which comes with bigger pockets and will be able fit the striker easily. On the other hand an intermediate player will go to pay for a traditional board in which the pockets will be large to some extent compare to the pieces of carrom men. There is a huge competition in market hence, the hexagonal carrom board has come in to picture and that is the hottest challenge for the professional players. You can even order online for this type of carrom board. The specialty of this board is the accumulation of 2 additional pockets and the base lines of this board present more obstacles for players to win the game.

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